Institute of Designpreneurs is fashion design college, we are International College.

We’ll prepare you for International competition as we are now in globalisation era,

Fashion business in this Internet era become very good business, and you can do business without leave home, especially if you’re mom and have children.

You can join our fashion design courses start from 3 modules, 6 modules or 10 modules of  our complete 30 modules, or if you already join in other fashion design school, and you don’t understand on one module, you can join one module only. But we’ll open the class minimum 4 students register on the same class.

We design our curriculum to make sure that you’ll fully understand about basic fashion design like Sewing, Draping & Pattern Drafting, so you can digest to study other topics on fashion design.

After you complete our 30 modules, then we’ll help you to get the job or start your own business. Pls join on our start up business on Graha Lexindo.

Institute of Designpreneurs locate on 3rd floor of Graha Lexindo, while 2nd floor is HolyStar school for Elementary to High School & 1st floor is for kindergarten, so if you Mom with children, you can join our class without worry.


Graha Lexindo / HolyStar School

Jl. Raya Kebayoran Lama no 8

Marketing :

Tel/WA: 0851 0500 2000

email: tw@5ot.us


Office :

Tel. 021-530 6678

Fax. 021-549 0221


Map to Graha Lexindo: https://goo.gl/maps/v7cMYxNTnzA2